Our Services

Our Services

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The Suburban Gardener offers a number of garden care services, including:

  • general garden maintenance,
  • seasonal one-off tidying including pruning, leaf clearance etc.,
  • hanging baskets and containers,
  • areas redesigned and replanted,
  • lawn care advice, treatments and consultancy,
  • digging and mulching,
  • repair work, and building raised beds and decking, and
  • power washing hard services.

Garden Care Service

We also offer homeowners a domestic maintenance contract where we regularly tend your garden. Weather permitting and failing unforeseen circumstances, these visits are the same day each week.

We offer three levels of garden care service.

1. Premier service

We tend to your garden on no fewer than four visits a month, whereby we undertake the following work:

  • cut the grass and trim the borders,
  • weed the borders,
  • sweep and clear pathways of any debris,
  • dead-head any flowers, and
  • maintenance pruning of shrubs (hedging excluded.)

Depending on the size of your garden, this will take a minimum of two hours each visit. Extra work can be arranged at a pre-agreed hourly rate.

2. Standard service

With this next level of service, we carry out the same tasks as the premier service, but attend twice a month for a minimum of two hours. We only offer this service when your garden can realistically be maintained twice monthly.

3. Garden help plan

This is our basic level of service where we visit your garden once a month and is to provide a helping hand only.

Terms and conditions

  1. For all plans, there is a minimum term of 6 months.
  2. During each visit, we deposit garden waste in your local authority garden waste bin. However, we offer green waste clearance to a licenced facility for an additional fee.
  3. On completion of work, accounts must be paid in full.

Clearing An Overgrown Garden

To bring the garden up to a manageable standard before a regular maintenance contract can start, we offer a service to clear an overgrown garden. We will provide a written estimate, which typically includes the following tasks:

  • strimming and cutting the grass, defining and edging the borders,
  • weeding the borders (although this includes the removal of perennial weeds, we cannot guarantee these won’t return without applying treatments),
  • turn and prepare soil,
  • maintenance (light) pruning of the hedges,
  • trimming, pruning, and shaping shrubs,
  • clear weeds from the paths and hard surfaces, and
  • waste removal.

Other Services

For all other services, including for example, the clearance of autumn leaves, hedge pruning, constructing raised beds or decking etc., we provide free written estimates for work.

Get in touch today for more information about our services or a no obligation visit to your garden.

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